No more VoIP for SMS two-factor auth?

New NIST standards disallow the use of VoIP-based phone numbers for SMS two-factor authentication. Argh, if I can’t use my Google Voice number, how can I receive SMS codes overseas without paying exorbitant telco roaming charges? I don’t consider a mobile-OS 2FA app to be a reliable substitute.

Looking for a Database Console


I’m looking for any existing tools to manage a set of several MySQL or Postgres databases. Something like the Amazon RDS console, but with the ability to dump and restore data to plain SQL files instead of just filesystem snapshots.

Terraform Tips

Terraform is a wonderful declarative system for setting up cloud resources – sort of a vendor-neutral AWS CloudFormation with nicer syntax.

See for a gold mine of Terraform information.

I’m writing this because I just experienced the “joy” of losing my Terraform state file for the first time, which means I need to go and delete 53 AWS resources by hand!

Database Horror Stories

If databases are an essential part of your work, and you’d like some nightmare stories to keep you awake at night, check out The author devastates the consistency, availability, and partition tolerance of supposedly “robust” modern databases.