Maya 2012 bugs

I do admire Autodesk’s work in porting Maya from its old (XForms-based?) interface to Qt. The transition is almost seamless, except for a few annoying UI bugs. These are minor bugs requiring a keystroke or two to work around, but many are in the “critical path” for working animators, so they seriously hurt usability.

  • the script editor button does nothing
  • focus does not return to original window after pressing “Enter” on numeric keyframe time/value fields
  • same issue for channel box fields
  • A/F “focus selected”/”focus all” keys randomly fail to work
  • import “resolve only clashing nodes” option does not work
  • play/stop toggle key occasionally fails to work, or waits several frames before taking effect
  • pop-up dialogs cannot be dismissed with “Enter” key unless first clicked to set focus (despite looking like they are focused)

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