Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • The writing was significantly better than the last Transformers film, especially throughout the first half – good balance and pacing between action and set-up of the various characters.
  • However, the transition into the Chicago finale was very awkward. I think it was just too hard to align all the different subplots that needed to be tied up. Maybe one could have been jettisoned, like the unlikable Dylan character?
  • Fantastic VFX, especially considering the gigantic scale of the film. Highlights:
    • Beautiful, readable lighting – it was much easier to follow what was going on in most action shots as compared to the earlier films, thanks to well-choreographed timing and composition. And it looked great too, especially the Cybertron scenes.
    • Slomo-actors-flying-through-the-air shots seemed to be the main “innovation,” and were done well.
    • Very little “animaticitis”  – big things moved at the right speed for the most part, like the big dropships over Chicago.
    • Some comps seemed a little off, probably due to time constraints. e.g. the “worm” Decepticon plowing through the long factory building in the intro – not enough interaction with the outer walls. Some lens flares and lens dirt elements went over the top.
    • Volumetric fire/smoke elements didn’t always comp over the backgrounds realistically. I wonder if this is a consequence of stereo 3D making comp tricks harder to pull off?
  • Fun cameos by Buzz Aldrin, Kennedy Space Center, and tons of other NASA and military sites. (shut down your logical brain and just enjoy the spectacle)
  • “This is the episode where Spock goes insane. ” — wow, I should have caught that!

I saw the film on celluloid in 2D. Will catch a digital 3D screening when I get a chance to compare. I have to say though I don’t think I was missing much in 2D.

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